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the VRSF 7.5” stepped core FMIC is the largest intercooler available for the N54 and N55 engine. The VRSF intercooler is a direct bolt on intercooler that delivers the best cooling for your car while maintaining a very reasonable price.
The more boost your turbo makes, the more heat it will generate. This problem is solved by upgrading the stock intercooler to a bigger and better FMIC. Once you upgrade turbos, even the best intercoolers available will have problems keeping intake air temps down. VRSF 7.5” intercooler is specifically designed for the single turbo application so your BMW 135 or 335 can consistently hit maximum boost without a problem.
VRSF BMW N54 and N55 7.5” stepped core intercooler allows your car to hit target boost every single time by keeping intake air temperature low and preventing heat soak. With IAT low, chances of ECU reducing ignition timing is lower and the result is more power and consistency.

VRSF 7.5" Stepped Race Intercooler FMIC 07-12 125i/335i N54 & N55 E82/E90/E92 Tx

SKU: 21554345656
$669.99 Regular Price
$602.99Sale Price
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