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BMW Performance Shop Dallas

BMW Engine Upgrades

Looking to get more performance and power out of your BMW engine?  You've found the right BMW Performance Auto Shop in Dallas. We work with all makes and models ranging from classic E chassis models to the newer F/I /G chassis. Including all engines such as the N13/ N20/ N26/  N52/ N53/ N54/ N55/ N63/ N73/ N74/ S52/ S54/ S55/ S62/ S63/ S65/ S70/ S85/ M57/ M88/... and all the others.  Your BMW comes with a conservative tune from the factory.  Simply put, your engine is capable of producing more power than the default factory BMW settings it came with. BMW tunes down their vehicles to meet emission standards.  You can regain this power with no other modifications using a piggyback tune or DME back end flash. If you are looking for more than a little boost in power, you can upgrade a few engine components to truly unleash the beast that's hiding under your hood.

BMW Performance Upgrades

Some of the common BMW performance upgrades we recommend are:

-Turbo Upgrades

-Supercharger Kits

-Charge Pipes

-Down Pipes


-DME Tunes (JB4 , MHD, etc.)

-Air Intake


-Exhaust Systems

-Methanol Injection Kits (Meth Kits)

-Nitrous Oxide

-Oil Catch Cans

-Blowoff Valves

-Short Shift Kits

-Fuel System Upgrade Kits

-Cam Sprockets for BMW's without VANOS

-And more...

Call us today for more information and MORE POWER!

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