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BMW Tuning / Coding Dallas

BMW ECU Tuning Dallas

Interested in getting a piggyback tune or DME BEF? You've found the right BMW Performance Tuning Shop in Dallas. We work with all makes and models ranging from classic E chassis models to the newer F/I /G chassis. Including all engines such as the N13/ N20/ N26/  N52/ N53/ N54/ N55/ N63/ N73/ N74/ S52/ S54/ S55/ S62/ S63/ S65/ S70/ S85/ M57/ M88/... and all the others.  Your BMW comes with a conservative tune from the factory.  Simply put, your engine is capable of producing more power than the default factory BMW settings it came with. Your DME is tuned down to meet emission regulations.  You can get this power back with no other modifications using a DME BEF (Back
End Flash) or piggyback tune. 

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