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Plasti-Dip Dallas

Dip Your Car Dallas
Dip Your Car Dallas


Evolution Auto Concepts offers professional, quality, installation of Plasti Dip for your vehicle.Plasti Dip can be used to customize your wheels, front grille, roofs, emblems, trim, bumpers, body panels, mirrors, or the complete car color. Plus, Plasti Dip is not permanent; you can go back to the original color on your vehicle by simply peeling off the plasti-dip!


Why Choose us?


Please stop by the shop and see our work before you decide to go with a competitor. Alot of car enthusiats in the Dallas area offer plasti dip with no automotive painting background. Why would you go to a shop that uses a spray gun you can get from home depot? Our 3 story 40,000 sq/ft warehouse has a paintbooth... and more importanly, professional painters who have been painting vehicles for decades. Our plasti dip is as smooth as vinyl with no overspray or spider cracks. Stop by today!

Plasti Dip Dallas Tx
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